Neil Williams Shield

Mornington Pirates have again taken out the bragging rights of being the no.1 club on the Mornington Peninsula in 2017 winning the Neil Williams Shield from the Boneo Braves.

How it works.....Mornington vs Boneo - the outcome is based on the most wins across all teams, juniors and seniors throughout the winter season.

It'll be on again in 2018 so the Boneo Braves are sure to bounce back next year.


So what is the 'Neil Williams Shield' you may ask? 

Neil Williams is a Life Member and founder of both the Boneo Baseball & Softball Club and Mornington Baseball Club.  Neil has been involved with coaching, mentoring, scoring and running club committees for both clubs over the years. 

Although Neil is affiliated with Boneo these days, he is one of those great club people that always has the clubs bests interests at heart and continues to show great dedication to the sport of baseball.

Neil is also one of the hosts of RPPFM's The Ballgame on local radio, a show dedicated to baseball for the Peninsula.

The Shield is decided over the season with points up for grabs every time a Boneo & Mornington match is had. The club with the most wins across the season is awarded the Neil Williams Shield. 

Congratulations to both clubs for keeping the game of baseball strong on the Mornington Peninsula.